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But it's damn near impossible when you're a Dragonborn who cannot even with these petty ass NPC boys who are just not on your level.With a title that will have you screaming "YAS KWEEN," redditor Mugunghwa posted a thread on the Lack of Worthy (Male) Spouses to r/Skyrim Mods.All the poster wants is for someone to themselves into their heart, but it's just not that easy when your dragon shout is master level.Providing the best #whyimsingle situation we've ever encountered, the poster explained that they're "playing as a female dragonborn, and I'm interested in finding a husband at some point.

The Reddit post continues and only gets closer to home when it laments that the "personality amongst Skyrim NPCs is lacking at best." So the poster's only recourse it to turn to mods of the game that might produce more marriage-material male companions.God, don't you wish the real world was modding compatible?Commenters on the thread were happy to try and help this single and ready to mingle Dragonborn with some solutions. One suggested that, when all else fails, just marry Lydia.Another offered up a mod entitled "Sackman" from the Dragon Porn Elder Scrolls fansite. But bachelor number one turned out to be Friendly Brynjolf?, who proved himself worthy because he "will say ridiculous things," but "will stay himself all the time." Luckily, as it turns out, true love is possible for you godlike ladies out there — though not without a little compromise.

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