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Bikers Dating is dedicated to people who love Bikers.Biker Plaent is an online platform that concentrated in connecting singles who are passion in motorcycle riding and biker culture.Since launched in 20001, the website has a 16 years’ dating history in the biker dating world.Now it grow up and become a professional, friendly, trustful, large scale and safe dating site for all bikers especially single Harley man and charming Harley girls.The site claimed to have 500,000 real single Harley riders joined in and most of them have certified their motorcycle driving license, photo, age, education and even income.The 1:1 male to female scale makes the site very active and positive interacted.

Features Certified Harley Singles: How can you know someone who are real Harley rider?

This feature lists users with the special mark if they have verified their driver License.

And you can get verified if you want to get more trust and attention from other users.

Online Harley Counselor: You could meet some unexpected problem in your biker life or you have some question about biker dating need professional help. Harley Dating Site has online counselors that you can ask for help and get satisfied answer.

Backseat or passenger: You could be a motorcycle rider who want to find another part to be your backseat or passenger.

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