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Britain's national religion has never been so marginalised and derided, especially by the public institutions that should be defending it.The case of nurse Shirley Chaplin, who has been banned by Devon and Exeter NHS Trust from wearing her crucifix while caring for patients, is a graphic illustration of this insidious trend.Indeed, it is surely an affront to the very concept of religious liberty, which was once regarded as a cornerstone of our democratic, respectful and tolerant nation.For make no mistake, a new form of virulent secularism is sweeping through society - and its target is Christianity. But even as a non-Christian, I can see all too clearly the shameful way in which Britain's national faith is being eroded.Indeed, banning a crucifix makes a mockery of our treasured right to religious freedom.

As a Muslim, I am filled with despair at the attitude of our politically correct officials towards Christianity.For me, all true religious faith, if practised with benevolence and humility, can only strengthen our society.To undermine religion is to undermine society itself.It is no coincidence that as Christianity is repeatedly attacked, so the social fabric of Britain becomes increasingly frayed.As we lose our strong moral compass, family breakdown and violent crime are at record levels, while our once famous sense of community spirit is evaporating.

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