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February 28This course offers customers an introduction to Solar Winds Backup, focusing on configuring the backup technology, taking backups, data restoration and data security.

It is a great primer and will get you up to speed quickly on Solar Winds Backup.

If you work in the kind of large institution that I do and are using Microsoft Active Directory then the chances are that at certain times you will need to perform actions on the directory that are outside the scope of the MSAD tools.

So, this page contains a few basic but fully working programs which illustrate common scenarios that you may have.

If you can read and understand these examples you should be able to apply the principles to much larger and very powerful programs as I have done.

Obviously you need to be careful with this kind of programming and where ever possible you shouldn’t be testing on a live environment.

Queries are safe enough but when you get on to account creation and modification the potential to royally muck up a lot of account very quickly is a real danger, so take care!

What is a little bit confusing is that there are essentially two sets of classes which can be used for AD operations.

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    Note: If you're upgrading from EE to EE or later, your upgrade doesn't involve changes to URL rewrites and you can skip many of the steps discussed in the other upgrades. This section discusses how to get ready for your upgrade by backing up the database and customizations on the file system.

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