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Archive-name: msdos-mail-news/software Original-Archive-name: comma-software Comp-os-msdos-mail-news-archive-name: software Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 2001-Apr-08 Posting-Via: news.(mail2news) Not-Posting-Via: my connectivity provider who doesn't do news for uucp now Not-Posting-Via-The-Cable-Modem-Because: I don't want to Path: edu! ORG Summary: uucp, mail, and news for msdos or ms-windows or os2 (part 02/02) X-Trace: 1026026672 mail2news:28641 mail2news X-Complaints-To: [email protected]:! Edu Expires: GMT Message-ID: Reply-To: [email protected] org User-Agent: trivdb (uufree) Lines: 2207 Xref: edu msdos.mail-news:7957 comp.answers:50593 news.answers:233540 View main headers ======================================================================== Contents: Part 1: 1. ORG Newsgroups: msdos.mail-news,comp.answers,news.answers Subject: msdos.mail-news FAQ (02/02) software Followup-To: msdos.mail-news Date: -0600 Organization: Private System, Edmonton, AB, Canada Approved: [email protected] I have a UNIX login, but don't want to tie up the phone lines. How can I use waffle newsreaders with other packages? How can I decode proprietary Microsoft TNEF attachments?

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xp/crosspoint [email protected] hackticnr [email protected] (superseded by minuet) minuet [email protected] nupop [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected][[email protected] is the developer list] snuupm [email protected] [email protected], [email protected] winpegasus [email protected], [email protected] wafpegasus [email protected] [email protected] ... ORG pc-eudora [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] tin-dvx [email protected] ... pcelm [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] winelm [email protected] mush [email protected] [email protected] ... often, these come with add-ons to make up a full uucp suite -- uucp, uux, uuqueue, and similar programs. native ms-windows, os2, and ms-nt versions are ftp-able also. fsuucp plug-and-play replacement with older waffle UUCICOs. mks-uucp not available for ftp part of the mks toolkit included as part of their _DOS User's Guide to the Internet_ book [see intro] contact: [email protected], 800-265-2797, 1 519-884-2251 voice standard e-mail. waffle [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] pcnews-uu [email protected] [email protected] tmail [email protected] tmailpostnews [email protected] helldiver [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] wintrumpet [email protected] rnr [email protected] barbernews [email protected] olsenews [email protected] pcnews-nfs pilchuck! the 2000s section will look at uucico implementations. DOC: applies to uucico and not to ANY other files in the Waffle package. non-redistributable source for most of the waffle modules is available for a fee. uupc, uupc-msw [msw], uupc-os2 [os2] -- uupc/extended shareware/freeware -- depends on how you interpret the license docs. I don't want to put any email addresses in here that don't want mail. some addresses are for people who ported a package from one platform to another, not the author(s) of the original package. this does not mean uucp itself is slow, and we are seeing more uucp implementations of late which are fast, yet still as network-capable as uucp has always been. maintainers: if I have the wrong address or a suboptimal address listed here, _please_ contact me directly so that I can correct it for you as quickly as possible. this command can have parameters, such as an address to pass to rmail uucp has, historically, often been poorly/incompletely implemented, and these poor/incomplete implementations have often been relatively slow.

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