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hey kevin so your moms trying to convert you to beleive in the supernatural :) now me if i was going to be superstitious i would be a muslim. the babes are all well babes, they like to screw and best of all they can't have babies.i dont mean to be sexist in this letter but hey the muslim god is sexist. the though of being forced by the muslim god to have daily sex with a fat 500 pound babe makes me sick!!!! i dont know what deal muslim women get when they did.depending on the source you get 72 babes, 720 babes, 7,200 or maybe even 72,000 babes. maybe they get 72 studs to live with when they die. you live, you die, then you get re-incarnated and get to live another life. until i found out that your re-incarnated for sins you committed in your past life and your next life is punishment for your sins in the last life.

and because of that they often eat hamburger and steak.

after all they are in america and the steak is not uncle ganesh but but some some white guys uncle tom they are eating.

now the christian religions gives you one of the worst deals when it comes to after lifes.

you die and then for eternity you get to live on a stinking cloud and play harp music to worship the jesus god. i would rather be a muslim and screw and my virgin babe wifes for eternity.

you must hand it to the people who invented the christian after life they did make up a story where you get a much better deal then the jewish faith where they stole most of their stuff from. even if the christian heaven is pretty boring it is much better then the jewish heaven which doesnt exist.

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