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When she was four, Rebecca was orphaned - along with her older brother Austen and sister Charlotte – and sent to live with her grandparents in Scotland.On her tenth birthday, Rebecca tries to find out how her parents died. Like the fact that he’s been stalking her for a long time and that his father has just been executed in prison. You’ll have to piece their stories together to find out.She knows the rest of the family is keeping something from her and is determined to uncover the truth. The author weaves the two stories together in a masterful way, jumping backwards and forwards in time, revealing a bit here and a bit there.We are left to work out what happened all those years ago that will have such an impact on so many lives.I love the intricate descriptions of the characters’ lives.We come to know and love these flawed characters and their twisted relationships. I received this book in return for an honest review.This is one book I can honestly say I didn't want to put down. Full blog post (6 February): https://booksdirectonline... Mike Vale is a brilliant artist who has fallen from grace into drunken obscurity.

Marvin is due to die again soon and is headed to Los Angeles in a last-ditch effort at redemption.

Along the way, they pick up another hitchhiker - the ironically named Casper - a ghost hunter on his way to Los Angeles to make a reality show about “smokes”, the ghostly figures whose appearance in LA is becoming a regular occurrence.

When these three lost souls come together, their lives will be changed forever.

The story is told from the points-of-view of Mike in the third person and Marvin in the first person, including entries from the journal he has been keeping over the centuries.

Their accounts are interspersed with excerpts from newspaper articles, religious pamphlets, CDC pamphlets, and even a radio interview.

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