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Yes, yes I know most of the time, the elite classes are jokes when they're used by inexperienced players, they get a kill or two before getting surrounded and bayoneted. But there's gotta be that one elite class that makes you go "oh gawd *panics*" when he shows up uninvited outta nowhere right infront of you - especially if its a skilled player. Have you ever turned around and see him sprinting right at you?

I guess im pretty much asking, who's the deadliest elite class? he looks like the freaking terminator coming in to erase you.

As a general rule, MMA fighters are pretty intimidating people. And yet, some fighters are more imposing than others.

Some are straight out of the central casting service of nightmare producers everywhere.

Here are the 10 most intimidating fighters active in the sport today. Personality is one factor, though rap sheets out of the cage are not as important as your appearance.

He's still decidedly unpolished in an MMA context, but he's got plenty of potential and certainly looks the part.

Division: Heavyweight Record: 9-2Promotion: Global Warrior Challenge The chiseled former pro wrestler appears to have muscles on top of muscles.

He's also got this hairlessness thing going on that, in his case, greatly enhances the intimidation factor.

He looks like he'd twist you into a pretzel just to stave off boredom.

Division: Light heavyweight Record: 68-18-1Promotion: Championship Fighting Alliance It's been a tough run of late for Travis Wiuff, who appeared poised to transcend his journeyman status when he reached the most recent Bellator light heavyweight tourney final.

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