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I just did a clean install of the latest Windows 10 build (Build 10586) on my Dell XPS laptop.

Did all my Windows updates including the latest Defender Definition before installing N360.

For some reason Windows is trying to install the Defender update again and of course since Defender is disabled, the update is failing.

I uninstalled N360 and ran Windows update again thinking all would be well if I just let it do the update and then reinstalled N360. Thanks Bob Windows Defender On a working machine when you scroll to the bottom there is a "Use Windows Defender" link which indicates Defender is currently disabled.

Well, after all that Windows is trying to do the Defender Definition update again and of course, it is failing again. On this machine though the link reads "Open Windows Defender" which seem to indicated that Defender is NOT disabled as it should be.

The Windows Defender Services are disabled by stopping them and setting them to Manual but key Windows registry entries appear to be missing.

When looking in xxx\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender There are two keys missing on the new build that are present on the older build.

Disable Anti Spyware and Disable Anti Virus When I added those it took care of the issue I was having. The Windows Defender Definition update is gone and has not reappeared...

This is a screen capture of the machine running the older Build (10240).

I put the slider to 'off' while NIS was not installed.

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