Predator 3d 20 11 2013

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there has been some news that the upcoming 3D BD of Predator will feature a new transfer but we'll have to wait and see in December is there any HD transfers out there that aren't an eyesore to watch in the meantime? The UH version thought offers more detail even thought it's DNRed.People mistake mpeg2 compression artefacts with grain for the first issue, and this help hide the lack of detail.The Aluminum Falcon said: Not having high hopes for a 3D BD.Wouldn't be surprised if it was heavily DNR'ed to improve the 3D effect.Just like Jurassic Park, unfortunately, though that wasn't DNR'ed so bad. It's the exact same master used for UH edition, except it's more cropped on the sides but less on top and bottom.The Aluminum Falcon said: Not having high hopes for a 3D BD. And of course some digital alterations if you check shots 3, 7, 12-16. I remember borrowing the UHE from a friend, it was like watching toy story for me and the colors seemed off, i was straight on amazon and got the mpeg2 original release.

It looked less jarring on the print, presumably, because of the extra layer of grain.

Ice Prick said: For what it's worth, I did see a 35mm screening of this movie back in 2012.

I looked at the MPEG2 BD for comparison, and it didn't look significantly different in terms of color timing.

The only striking difference is that still frame shot near the end of the movie which looks very static on the BD.

Predator is a great movie that I have watched at least 30 times.

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