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In August this year, inspired by a particularly horrendous date he'd just had and fed up with the trials of single life, journalist and author Rhodri Marsden invited his Twitter followers to send in their worst ever dating experiences (in 140 characters or less, of course). Within hours Rhodri was flooded with 1000s of crazy, shocking and hilarious true stories of dating disasters.

And as the word spread, people all over the world began to submit their calamitous experiences, sending Rhodri's Tweet viral and attracting the attention of newspapers, TV shows and online magazines drawn to this incredible story.

Crap Dates is the best from Rhodri's hilarious collection of real - life dating howlers, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who has ever had a bad date ... emilyhill1982: Told him I liked reading, he said he wanted to burn all libraries and then talked about football for hours. Abzbyrne: I had one who turned up, on a warm summer evening, in a huge arran jumper because he thought I'd like that being Irish.

everyone: Adele LBamber: He drank A LOT & talked about his sister A LOT.

Rhodri Marsden is the Technology Columnist for The Independent; he has also written about crumpets, Captain Beefheart, rude place names and string.

From seriously unwelcome confessions, to dousing dates in wine, to bringing them back to creepy apartments to meet favorite stuffed animals, here are the funniest and most alarming reports from dating's front lines.Along the way, author Rhodri Marsden offers tips on how to identify and avoid the worst of the bad daters, including married men, blatant liars, deluded optimists, and more. Housman's poetry (especially A Shropshire Lad) remains well-known, widely read, and often quoted. It begins in a manicomio, an Italian madhouse, and is just the beginning-albeit not quite clear.This harrowing collection of real nightmare dates will amuse anyone who's suffered through one of cupid's off nights. However, Housman did not view himself as a professional poet, always making quite clear that his 'proper job' was as a Professor of Latin. Alfonso Borello has just relocated from Milan, Italy.At Hartsfield-Jackson international airport he meets Nena, an attractive Jamaican-American woman; the two become ... Featuring poems that engage songs by artists ranging from The White Stripes to Bruce Sprinsteen, David Bowie to Otis Redding; lists of albums; daily timestamps as poems; remixes and everything in between; FLASHES OF LIFE evokes not just ...2015-11-05This short memoir tracks the author's lifelong trek from Australia to England to New Zealand and back home. Nobel Prize winner Nadine Gordimer follows the inner lives of characters confronted by unforeseen circumstances. After surviving her parents' relationship drama when her older sister elopes, Claire Gardner vows not to date during high school.

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