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James, in his middle 30s, was ready to meet his life partner, get married and have children. "She is really beautiful, although I'm not sure she's my type. We have the same interests, the same values, we go to the same church, and we both want children. " "Why not spend a little more time with her and see how you feel?My friends who meet her think she's dynamite." "But…? " It became apparent within a few months that the spark was not going to grow and the conversation was not going to flow. "James, it doesn't seem that this relationship is going to become what you want it to be." I could hear hesitation in his voice during our phone counseling session. There doesn't seem to be a spark, and I don't miss her when I'm not with her. Perhaps it's time to move on." But James was afraid of ending up alone, afraid he would not meet anyone as sweet as Cindy.

But if spark, flow and romance are important to you, then accept that you and your partner have a wonderful friendship but not a romance.James soon met another woman, Val, with whom he had romance.He was very attracted to her and they could easily talk for hours.But he soon discovered that romance itself is also not enough.Val did not share his spiritual beliefs, his values, or his interests. " Stay solid on what you want and you will find it!

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