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An old blossoming magnolia offers shade to an assortment of Southern Gothic–looking extras on set. ”“Considering [the situation she’s in, which I can’t say because we’re months away from the season-three premiere], I’m beyond calm. She is way prettier in person than on We’re having lunch at Cafe Gitane—Philip Seymour Hoffman’s at the counter in his baggy clothes, maniacally focused on his i Pad video game. And then, at the Golden Globes, she was summoned to a room to talk to Bill Clinton. “I went on the red carpet, went upstairs, fed Cyrus. Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, the show’s creators along with Gideon Raff, had just come off Jack Bauer and his world not only depicted the nation’s worst fears, they also propagated the Bush administration’s notion that America is in an all-out war against Islamists, that terrorists lurk around every corner, that torture is not just legitimate, it works.

Inside, Carrie Mathison is strung out and doesn’t seem well. She’s angry at the suggestion but then turns soft and vulnerable. I’m fucking Zen.”Tough, smarter than everyone, but fucked up. This is the other New York, where people leave actors to themselves. Went into the ceremony, got the award, went back to feed Cyrus, went out again. It didn’t take long to see that, with and a reflection of a more nuanced, mature America—the advocates of torture and drone strikes are not just “bad guys,” they are directly implicated in the plot for revenge.

I run every day, six miles, sometimes more; singing helps”—she gives a self-conscious laugh, as if thinking, I can’t believe I have to do this thing again—“and I meditate to stay calm.”“Are you calm? “Then I realize I am in that room with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.”The effect was that of a tense stage play, raw and deceptive, a television blend of Shepard and Pinter. Was Carrie acting when she turned off the monitors, tried to connect with Brody on how hard it is to talk about the war, the nightmares, the tremors, memories of an interpreter burned alive? For instance, if I stopped lying, I could say to you, Brody, I want you to leave your wife and children and be with me.” Her eyes went wide. Her skin is pale and luminous, her blue eyes dilated, complex, and present. I am thinking, Oh, my God, what are they doing in there? At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, she met President Obama. Her newborn son, Cyrus, was upstairs at the Beverly Hilton with her parents, and she was able to go in and out of the action all night. Then it was ‘Now you meet the president.’ ” As a nursing mom, she says, “I had these new boobs; I’m wearing a big Jessica Rabbit dress, and I’d been living in sweat pants for so long. ” Besides, she worried about the material’s being exploitative and risky.

It’s no wonder, as we stroll through the Village, that a bus driver, frantically waving his arm to get Danes’s attention, nearly drives onto the sidewalk so his tour group can snap pictures, and a family stops her at the corner of Bleecker to say, “We’re on episode three of season two. He’s just balls-out.”She could be describing herself. (She has an older brother, Asa, an attorney.) By fourteen, Danes was the teenage voice of a generation’s angst in the now cult-classic All of which is to say that she is not your obvious choice for a “patriot” and CIA recruiting tool. .” She stalked him, brought her face close, swung away. I’m sure I’m not alone in conflating Claire with Carrie, considering the way so many of us imbibe culture these days—late at night, thinking, Just one more episode as midnight rolls into a.m., and these characters slip into our dreams like members of our family. ” Her parents were artists themselves—her father a photographer and computer consultant; her mother a textile designer, painter, day-care provider, and for a while her manager. A delicate-looking figure in a loose blue-and-white halter dress with a white tank and Sigerson Morrison sandals climbs the steps, and I realize I’ve been expecting gimlet-eyed Carrie in that black pantsuit. A child of So Ho in the eighties, when it was an artists’ frontier and not a mall, Danes, 34, grew up attending PS3 and dance and artists’ studios, declaring to her family at the age of nine, “ ‘Money or no money, I have to act. That’s it.’ So I went to Lee Strasberg and desperately tried to feel the wind! On a stormy May afternoon, I’m waiting for Danes at the Jane hotel in the West Village. There lies the frisson of the shaky ground of espionage and acting mirrored in every relationship. “Sometimes we watch people who we want to learn from or be a little like.” And somehow that fusion has made an iconic girl of the Zeitgeist out of a bipolar CIA agent.

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