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Retail stores charge significantly higher prices for eyeglasses frames and prescription lenses, in order to compensate for vision insurance; if you don't have eyewear insurance, they take a much higher profit on everything they sell.We source the exact same (or better) frames and lenses, but we add a lower profit margin for ourselves.We are an authorized out-of-network provider for all vision insurance plans.Our lenses are all made by Essilor, Varilux, and Zeiss, the world leaders in prescription lenses.Retail stores either use Essilor lenses, or lower quality and lower cost lens products.Other online stores use the cheapest lenses possible.We guarantee a full refund if you don’t love your lenses. Most online eyewear stores are selling low price, low quality eyeglass frames and lenses.

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And if you have a problem with our products, you can call us. When your prescription changes, most retail stores will try to sell you another frame and lenses.But you can mail those eyeglass frames to Eyeglasses.com, and we will replace those lenses, saving you a bundle of money and aggravation.Buying eyeglasses online is a great way to get more selection and at a lower price than more optical stores.However, it does require that you educate yourself first.There is a lot of information on this website about eyeglasses and prescription lenses, but this page will help you speed up the process, depending on what you need.

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